“God is in the details”

I design and realize tailored projects, which reflect the identity of the place and uniqueness of the customer, experimenting with styles and materials always different.

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LIVE with Antigoni on 23rd of November 2022.

Interview on TV CRETA about our work of restauration in the old town of Rethymno and our partecipation to the 10th Bienniale of the young greek architect.

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On thursday 5th of May 2022, CRETAN SUMMER HOME has been awarded during the international architecture and design festival of Ljubljana for the residential category.

<< What makes this project one-of-a-kind?
In strong connection with the genius loci, a summer home on the island of Crete, where to forget the superfluous and reconnect with the unspoiled nature that surrounds it and its slow rhythms. Integration into the landscape flanked by bioclimatic solution, the imperative! >>


Interreg – ADRION

<< I believe first of all that to correctly build the future we should always have an eye on the past and that despite the criticalities that these buildings certainly have, from many points of view, not only structural, with the correct approach and with an integrated design, in reality this concept also goes towards a sustainability perspective. The idea of reuse and recycling not only of the materials, but also of the spaces and buildings that bring first of all to avoid further land consumption and then by enhancing the culture and traditions of the place to expand the concept of sustainability to the social aspects too.>>

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