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Meet our 301 stay home sister Chiara @arch.chiara.armando from Italy and Greece ! This is her story : “I'm Chiara, 35 years old architect and interior designer working between Italy and Greece, on the island of Crete, where I mainly deal with tourism planning – boutique hotels and summer villas – through the collaboration with a local company, thanks to an Erasmus experience for young entrepreneurs started on 2016. Research, precision and empathy are my strengths. I design and realize tailor-made projects that reflect the identity of the place and the client's uniqueness, experimenting different styles and materials constantly. Constructions with photography are my expressive language since always.  Awarded in 2017 in an important competition "Wooden Architecture" organized by Lignus and IN / ARCH – National Institute of Architecture, to reward the best wooden architecture produced in Italy in the last 10 years. My nomadic soul, always looking for the new and the different to enrich myself, has been revealed since I was a child. That's how I first landed in 2009 in Barcelona with the Erasmus program and then in Turkey with the research unit of the Politecnico of Turin at the Italian Archaeological Mission in Turkey  in Hierapolis of Phrygia (Pamukkale) and finally in Crete.  Here I found myself blocked during the lock-down, with the good and the bad side.  The spread of the virus was limited and I was able to continue working with some more precautions, but suddenly my plans for the future had to change. Flexibility and acceptance  became imperatives!  How to invest the new amount of free time? Taking part to a competition for example!  I organized a team with some colleagues spread around Europe and our Skype meetings became the moment of sharing: ideas, moments, fears and much more!  One thing I have learned: relationships are what really matters in life. “ -Chiara Armando Welcome Chiara to our world!!!! #stayhome #sisterhood #womeninspiringwomen #rebeccamosesillustration

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