HILL of the ARTS

So used to lose ourselves in the labyrinth of daily life, desperate to find the fastest, the easiest, the best or perhaps the most challenging way out, are we capable of risking it all? Are we capable of giving up what we thought was absolutely essential?

  • Location: Torino – Italy
  • Project year: April 2020
  • Type: Competition  – Hill of the Arts
  • Designers: Arch. C. Armando – Arch. S. Gallucci – Arch. A. Dezio – Arch. N. Aminfakhr – Interior Designer M. De Tomi

There isn’t only one way. Right or wrong doesn’t exist. There is no time too long or too short: this is what Art teaches us. The project creates a stream of labyrinths that go AGAINST TIME. Arianna lends us her ball of yarn: the ART. Art guides us out of our misleading mental labyrinths, revealing its creative process and making us a part of that. Are you being be carried away by that primordial wind or do you find yourself at a dead-end?

At times it is us that create our own labyrinths but if we learn from Art, we will see that there is a way out, Time.

Hotel suite


The labyrinth in the garden is a symbol of the journey, physical and spiritual. From the outside world, it takes one to the deepest part of him/herself: it’s not a place to get lost but a place to find ourselves. Based on the anti-clockwise route, takes the traveller back to the opposite direction of time, taking time from the rush of daily life, time to reflect and to get lost in one’s thoughts.


Used on the façade (Art cabin), as a decorative covering element (Wellness area) or as sunblind (Restaurant – Art cabin), the brick is the protagonist of the project. An ancient, but at the same time flexible material, which has been able to tell the story, over the centuries, of Turin, Piedmont and not only. Still able of expressing the signs of contemporary architecture with character and elegance and to answer to its essential performance requirements, both in terms of energy savings, thermal and acoustic comfort, and in reducing the environmental footprint.

Brick wall in the SPA

Made according to the traditional craftsmanship of the ancient furnaces, after cooking and drying in the open air it does not require any surface treatment and is characterized by excellent durability, thus guaranteeing a low impact both during the life of the building and in the process of processing, installation and disposal.


Three Art cabins lie on steeply sloping ground downstream of the existing villa, in the tranquillity of the majestic park and surrounded by secular trees. Reachable through the maze of paths that winds through the undergrowth, they are the ideal refuge for those who are looking for an extra-ordinary location, away from the noise, but not from comfort, where you can find contact with nature and your own self.
The volumes and materials recall those of the tradition of the region with compact shapes and inclined pitches: the brick, typically used on the facade, becomes the connotative element that seamlessly covers them completely, except for the west wall which opens with an unparalleled view towards Turin and the Alps.


The architecture of the restaurant is designed to be seamless and ethereal: it becomes part of nature in the surrounding environment. The flexibility of the spaces let them transform into an art gallery as well, either to show the bond that exists between art and food or to host other forms of art.